Sylvie Nemet:
Earth is our home

12/06/2015 - 16/06/2015

This project was initialized by the sculptor Zahava Bar Nathan. The idea was to work on a subject: Home. The question was :What does home reprensent to you?

From this point I had to research into my own intimate

background and asked my self: what does the word "Home" mean to me and  how can I represent it in my own work. What do I love, what do I hate,how can my inspiration come out from a piece of art? At first, I could not think of any thing except, representing some imaginary houses coming from the materiel I had (grey clay with lots of grains), I built facades of houses. I was fighting with the clay, trying to make out of flates surfaces some kind of walls, doors, windows, roofs, stores. I played with different lenght between the houses. I used only 2 colors  and I try to play with opening and closing doors and windows. Finally I used crackel glazering to envelope the clay, leting the grey color appear. Not knowing where I was going, I finally enjoy the creation of little houses that happened to talk form themselves. Still I wanted to go further and I decided to add an other work. Something was missing in thoses houses. Do you know what? People, human being. Thoses houses were empty of souls. I decide to start a new work based on a body.

I enlarge the symbol of home and make a sphere. The people lives on the earth and the woman is taking care of her house which mean her family. The mixe of all this ends up in a sculpture entitled " Earth is our home".

Sylvie Nemet:
Pieces of bodies, inside out

Actualy my work is the reflexion of love for nature, humain being and Animal.

I am working on a project of fountain,, I just made a seral of Fishs which are prototype, I call them "Kiss Fish" 


Future exhibition : In this works I want to show how the inside influence on the outside. How the human saul is transparent, the body is the reflexion of our soul. the sculptures are expressing feelings, happyness, sadness, frustration, orgasme, compassion, meditation, reflexion. A fire is burning me inside and don't let me peacefull...